Synopsis Redux

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I’ve been working on paring this down to the essentials, tweaking it in tandem with changes I’m making to the novel, which, ideally, will also result in a leaner, tighter story.

Fleeting images of Tuareg nomads near a campfire - image by Alexandre Baron

Image courtesy of Alexandre Baron


I suppose the question is, after reading the synopsis, “Does this pique your interest?”

In the crook of the Quiet Sea’s eastern shores lies the grime-ridden sprawl of Stelinople, a city of industry ruled by the Magnate Trust. Searching for new energies to fuel its furnaces and mills and manufactories, the Trust has fixed its gaze squarely upon the Jashem, seeking the energy locked in that scoured desert land. And the Yürük Çin who draw upon it.

When Yürük scout Khyrg al Wahid and his headstrong daughter witness a Trust airship crash, they discover survivors — Trust researchers. Aiding the researchers becomes a furious flight across the Jashem, sweeping Khyrg up in the Trust’s schemes, thrusting him toward Stelinople, the city that holds his deepest secret, his darkest shame.

All the while, researchers at the University conduct morbid experiments around the clock to bend the energy of the Jashem to their will.

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