Still going…

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I’ve been able to do at least 2,000 words over the last three days. It definitely seems to help that I’ve gotten over the middle of the first draft hump and the story’s direction is focused. I’m a-hoping I can keep it up. I’ve actually been able to really get some good flows going using the 2k goal.

I talked to someone today who asked me if I had a working title – my answer was lame, lame, lame – “I did, but the story has changed so much it isn’t really relevant any more.” I’m sure that’s not unusual, but I should probably have something to tell people.

I also need to come up with a ten second overview I can tell people. Plenty have asked. When I’ve gone into an explanation, they usually glaze over and start looking for other people to talk with. I did write a back cover piece just to distill the concept, but it’s a little melodramatic for conversation.

“Hey, what are you writing about?”
“In a world where good and evil share the same mind…”
“Uh, never mind.”

Okay, so maybe it’s not exactly like that, but I need to get it together so I sound like I know what I’m doing even if I’m not always sure.

P.S. Can’t say that I’m enamored with the quick post feature here on WordPress.

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