Ramping Up Production

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From fingertips to paper

From fingertips to paper

Today is day one of my new writing goals. 2,000 words a day. I feel like my story may exceed the 100k mark. In order to have the first draft of my manuscript done by the end of August, I decided to hedge by bets and shoot for more daily production. I swear I’m not juicing or anything to make this happen. I did two things that I don’t normally do before I wrote today – I ran (granted only for about a mile) and I made a big steaming mug of black tea with milk and honey. Something worked. It may be that I’m at a place in the story where I have a good feel for how this will wrap up. That goes a long way. We’ll see how the week goes. With a little luck I’ll have at least 10, ooo new words of story by Friday.

I’ve posted before that I follow Jay Lake’s blog. He’s been an inspiration for me to get more words down more frequently – and not just ramblings. Here is a guy battling cancer and he continues to crank out content that his agent is able to sell (His agent is Jennifer Jackson, whose blog I also follow). He posts often to his blog as well. Amazing. I’ve never read his stuff, but I plan to remedy that sometime in the not to distant future, probably starting with Green.

While writing my first draft, I have labored over stuff that probably doesn’t need attention until the second draft. Last night, in between fitful sleep, I decided to shoot for 2000 words/day and see how it plays out. I’m ecstatic over the day 1 results. Hell, I may even wade back in tonight.

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