I much prefer the stationary grindstone for nasal contact

I much prefer the stationary grindstone for nasal contact

I managed to reach my 10k word count last week. The 2k per day goal seemed to work out pretty well as far as getting deeper into the story as a writer and establishing a flow. Therefore, I’m continuing with that goal for the foreseeable future. Last night I was up until about midnight – 3 hours in the shack – grinding out the words to reach my goal. It was probably not my finest effort, but I did manage to get some story bones down. I’ll rely on the second run to flesh out things where necessary and prune the deadwood.

I’ve enjoyed a number of great posts this week concerning writer topics such as motivation, looking to unconventional sources for ideas, dealing with the “Am-I-Crazies”, not sweating genre, and improving your odds of publication. As always, there are tons more items out there, but I enjoyed these the most. Oh yeah, I enjoyed the New Yorker interview with Ursula K. Le Guin as well. Thanks to jlake and bibliophile stalker for the near-simultaneous linkage.

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07 2009

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