Connectivity: Tightening Your Story’s Weave

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Bringing It Together

If you’ve ever read a story where everything is interconnected or what you thought were loose ends turned out to be anything but, you know of what I speak.

I wasn’t overly conscious of how this happens until I looked over previous drafts of stories I’d written and seen the transformation. Ah ha!

Now when I’m reading for pleasure, I find myself wondering more about the small things. Will this show up later? How does this character fit into the larger story? Or, I hope to hell this all comes together somehow.

Each revision your story should present opportunities for you to better tie aspects of your story to other parts.  Never mind the clunky sentence. Look over here! Examples!

  • Inserting a relationship between two characters that wasn’t initially there
  • A character having knowledge of a setting in the story in which another character is doing their thing
  • A character having a remembrance of the same event as the protagonist

Each of these examples, when done well, serve to provide more depth and cohesion. it’s like pulling the strings of a corset and watching everything come together. Not that I’ve ever worn a corset.


When the reader recognizes the connections, they’ll nod their head and love your story just a little more.

Bonus: I just finished taking my sweet-ass time getting through Jeff Vandermeer’s Wonderbook. As I was writing this post, his character circle came to mind. While I couldn’t find the finished version, there is a draft version that I think I like even better.

Check it:

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