Brewing Up A Story

by Jonathan 2 Comments

Lauter Tun
I’ve been thinking about an idea for my next novel for some time now. I’ve got some research under my belt. I’ve done some rough character sketches, brainstormed conflict points and have thought a great deal about the setting.

But there’s something missing.

I’ve decided to go ahead and take a shot at a short story to help me get a better sense of things. Maybe more than one to sort through the chaff and find the good stuff to build on.

This is a definite departure from my first go round, though I’m not sure it’s any more efficient.

And, hell, if any of the stories seem worthy, I’ll ship them off and see if they land anywhere.

Write on.

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  1. ReplyMatt Coultress
    Maybe you'd consider writing a group of related short stories that could (later) be combined -- with additional material -- into a novel.
    • ReplyJonathan
      Good point. That would be uncharted territory for me as I've never written any thematically linked short stories before. I'm more of a one off guy. Or at least I was :)

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