And Then August Happened

by Jonathan 5 Comments

Interior of a Sissons triple expansion steam engine.

I swear it was just the end of July yesterday. Apparently I was wrong and no one’s been at the helm of the good ship Words & Coffee. All kinds of craziness has descended upon my life over the last four or five weeks, some good, some not so good.

My father had his second heart attack in three months. He’s doing alright, hanging in there, but I know it can’t be easy for him. I know how much it affects me so I can only imagine the thoughts running through his mind.

I volunteered to be Center Director here. We’ve been working like crazy on several fronts to get the school ready for today, the first day.

I started working full time here. The pace is far from languid, but fun and challenging.

We lost our sweet friend of 14 years, Greta, one of the most kindhearted dogs I’ve ever known. ¬†We were with her, her death was fairly quick and there were no decisions to make. Still, it was heartbreaking.

Our friend, Greta.

We sure miss her fluff.

Through it all, I’ve been polishing my latest draft to get it ready for querying. I’ve been riding the trails here regularly, wrecking a little bit less and having tons of fun. Making time for all the people who are important to me has been a challenge, but I keep at it. Making space for down time has been about damn near impossible. And so it goes.

Posts here may be even more infrequent, but I’ll still be around. I always wondered how people managed to write and hold down a full-time job and juggle the responsibilities of parenting and all that goes with it.

Now I know.

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  1. ReplyJennifer
    Now you know. I still wonder how even in the midst of doi fit. Good luck with it all, hope things settle soon.
    • ReplyJonathan
      Thanks! Hope things are well your way :-)
  2. ReplyJennifer
    Of doing it. Doing it, I tried to write but did not succeed.
  3. ReplyElisabeth Black
    I'm sorry about your dad. I'm also sorry about your dog. May September bring health, peace, and an awesome response to your queries. P.S. Montessori! Good on you.
    • ReplyJonathan
      Hey thanks for the good thoughts. We're hanging in there and there seems to be a little breathing room.

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