Altered States

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One of my all time favorite King reads. It kicked the movies tuckus.

One of my all time favorite King reads. It kicked the movie's tuckus.

I went for a run last night around 9 PM. I don’t run regularly, but I do it when I can muster the motivation. About half a mile in, the endorphins kicked in and my brain started to work. Dare I say, it may even have been better than a hot cup of strong, black coffee. As I ran, I worked at some issues with my story and came up with what I hope are nice additions to help flesh some things out and tie some things together that had been nagging at me. It felt good on so many levels.

I don’t have a whole bunch of ways to ratchet up my gray matter, but the ones I do use are coffee, running/walking, sleep (good rest goes a long way), reading excerpts on writing, reading excerpts of what I consider good writing. Anyone else have any suggestions? I’m always willing to try something new.

I don’t foresee myself going the Sadie Plant route (although I wouldn’t mind reading her book), so if psychotropics or opiates are your bag, well, bully for you and keep up the good work.

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  1. Replyjenniferneri
    A few nights back I got on my bike and went for a ride. It was the first ride on my own practically since having my daughter. I gave myself %%$ after the fact for the nearly the whole ride (which was fantastic) all I did was write (in my head of course.) :)
  2. ReplyJonathan Danz
    It's amazing how having children ratchets up the speed with which time rolls by. How nice to be able to kill the proverbial two birds - brainstorming and exercising. I hope you get some the material in your head down on paper. I don't know why we don't do it more. I'm still writing stuff from the material I came up with on that run!

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