All It Takes Is One Good One

by Jonathan 0 Comments

I like golf. There’s something about when you catch a shot clean, effortlessly and watch it sail straight and true. You can have countless marginal-to-awful shots (Trust me, I know this. Don’t ask how, just know that I do.), but all it takes is one good one to keep you coming back for more.

I find the same to be true for reading, though it pertains to a particularly well-turned phrase rather than a well-struck ball. But like the well-struck ball, the well-turned phrase seems effortless, beautiful and true.

I came across this one in M. John Harrison’s┬ásecond book in the Viriconium series, The Pastel City (See right sidebar if you want to check it out):

Viriconium, sump of time and alchemical child, sacrificer of children and comforter of ghosts–who can but shiver and forgive in the damp theatrical airs of dawn?

Got any faves from stuff you’ve read or are currently reading?

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