5 Ways To Clamp Jumper Cables on Your Gray Matter

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5 Ways To Clamp Jumper Cables on Your Gray Matter


Some days the ideas feel stale. Sometimes you find yourself telling the same story you already told, just with different window dressing. All of that can lead to the “why-the-hell-do-I-even-bother” crisis.

Look up once in a while. Look out beyond writing and publishing and books and you’ll find inspiration (ideas, solutions to writer’s block, rejuvenation, whatever) in all sorts of places. Seriously. Inspirado? That shit is everywhere. Check it out, here’s some low-ass hanging fruit to send a jolt into your stagnant gray matter:

Music – If you haven’t dug into music as a way of setting mood, now is the time. Pull music from your the soundtrack of your favorite movie. Better yet, find a soundtrack to a movie you’ve never watched. Dig into electronica or classical or metal. Play it either super loud or low, but not right in that “I’m listening to music” volume range. Mix it up from time to time and listen to something you might not normally go for. That’ll get the synapses firing.

Visual Art – Man, between Google Images and Deviant Art, there are endless possibilities. Looking for a bleak cityscape, tippity-tap those terms in the ol’ Googlyzer and let the results wash over you like warm summer rain. Mess around with search terms on Deviant Art and belly up to the visual smorgasbord. You’ll have ideas popping up in your brain pan like mushrooms in that dark, moist corner of your crawlspace.

Nature – Do you ever look around when you go outside? Do you even go outside? You should do both. The outdoors has it all: texture, odor, colors, temps, sounds, fractals, whatever you need. Hell, sometimes you can even taste it. Get out there and get all up in nature.

Science – There are tons of great resources on science. For real. They’re out there. There is no shortage of noggin fodder, people. Go forth and slather science butter all over the nooks and crannies of your brain. Mmmm, mmmm.

ExerciseThis works. It may not take your mind exactly where you want it to go, but that’s the point, innit? Sometimes you need a break. In the immortal words of Chicago (80’s edition), even lovers need a holiday. Go out, burn a calorie, fire up some endorphins. Slap in some earbuds and go for a hike and you can get the inspirado trifecta: music, nature and exercise! Feels good, doesn’t it.



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