The Word of the Day is Snow

by Jonathan 4 Comments
New River Gorge Bridge and Train in snow.

Just over the hill from the writing shack.

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Don’t know if you’ve got snow in your neck of the woods today, but we’re getting plenty of snow blowing in on bitter wind here in southern West Virginia. Here’s a video that captures the vibe, with a little steam and driving sixties groove thrown in for good measure.


This weather brought to you courtesy of Snow Miser.


I’m hunkered down in the writing shack trying to keep my feet warm and finish up this draft of Shadow of the Black City. I broke 100k yesterday and hope to wrap things up by the end of the week.

Comments ( 4 )

  1. Replybarbaraannwright
    I live in southern TX. Snow is for other people. Does being stuck inside make you write more?
    • ReplyJonathan Danz
      I wouldn't mind living somewhere without snow, even if it was just for one year. Maybe I'll box you up some snow and send it your way. I wish the snow made me write more. I guess the only thing that makes me write more is me!
  2. ReplySara McClung
    so. much. SNOW! I love it though... We have a TON in Northern Va :-)
    • ReplyJonathan Danz
      Hope you get a chance to get outside and make some snow angels or snow men or daiquiris or something.

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