What the Hell Just Happened?

by Jonathan 0 Comments

That ripping sound I heard when I bent over must have been a tear in the time-space continuum. When next I looked up, I found myself six weeks in the future. I had strange dreams of working in slave pits, tumbling down boulder-strewn rivers, watching people hurl themselves into a green gaping maw from a great arch, careening at great speed over winding dirt paths on only two wheels. And in between the dreams, I carved words into existence and shaped them and made them my own. And continue to do so.

The Colorado River in the Grand Canyon - There are far worse ways to spend 3 weeks

There are far worse ways to spend 3 weeks

I can’t say that I minded the hiatus, but I probably should have left a note saying I was going out for ice cream and smokes or something like that.  More than likely, posts will be few and far between here, especially over the next five or six weeks, as I’m embarking on a three week Grand Canyon river trip. I could bring my laptop and just plug it into the current, but I don’t think there are any wireless hotspots out there.

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