It’s Good to Be Back

by Jonathan 2 Comments
Moon during sunrise over the Grand Canyon

Saw this while breaking down camp one morning

After 21 days of rafting the Colorado River, I rolled across the country with a couple of fine traveling companions. I got home the night before Thanksgiving and was so happy to see my lovely wife. My daughter was asleep, but I hugged her and kissed her anyway.

I can’t say enough about the experience. It was everything I hoped — amazing scenery, great whitewater, great people, spiritual — with little nuggets of extra goodness thrown in for good measure.

The author at the oars on the Grand Canyon

Me at the helm, apparently after lunch.

I stole both of these images from a friend on the trip. His photos kicked my photos asses. Apparently my seven-year-old camera doesn’t have cool color saturation settings. Thanks Tyson.

Havasu Creek

Havasu Creek? Star Trek called and wants its water back.


Aside from writing about a thousand words of a new short story, I did no writing. I think it was a nice break. I feel rejuvenated and ready to hammer out revisions as I head into the new year.

I should be posting more regularly as we head in to the last year of the world. Upcoming posts will include my favorite reads of 2011 and Grand Canyon lessons as they pertain to writing. Hope you’ve all been well.

Cactus clinging to a rock wall - Grand Canyon, AZ

Sometimes all you can do is hang on and thrive.


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  1. ReplyHarley
    Gorgeous photos. Glad you had such a beautiful experience, Jonathan. It does seem like it'd be a spiritual time.
    • ReplyJonathan
      Thanks. People ask me how it was and I do believe it would take a novella length explanation at the least to get into it. Hmm. Ever read Desert Solitaire by Edward Abby? I think that does a fine job of conveying some of the mystique of the place. Still, no substitute for going.

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