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How We Arrive in the Present

by Jonathan 0 Comments

We’ve all ridden to the present in our own homemade jalopies bristling and clanking and whistling with every bit of where we’ve been, what we see, who we’ve met, what we’ve done, why and how we’ve done it . The road ain’t always pretty or easy to travel. Sometimes it’s full of potholes, sometimes it’s no road at all, just trackless wilderness. Pieces fall away and new ones get scabbed in their place. And sometimes, if we’re lucky and we’ve endured, we come out on the other side with something to give.

Like these guys.

If you think this just applies to artists, your road’s been a tunnel or you slapped blinders on yourself somewhere along the way. ┬áIf we can climb out of our own cavernous holes long enough to look around and survey the landscape, we can find it everywhere we look. And we should.

It’s Good to Be Back

by Jonathan 2 Comments

After 21 days of rafting the Colorado River, I rolled across the country with a couple of fine traveling companions. I got home the night before Thanksgiving and was so happy to see my lovely wife. My daughter was asleep, but I hugged her and kissed her anyway.

Fear is the Mind Killer…

by Jonathan 3 Comments

…and that is all.

Fear lurks in all the dark places of your mind, waiting to set you back, to shut you down, whatever your goals.

Fear of failure
Fear that you won’t be liked
Fear that you won’t be understood
Fear that others find your dreams silly
Fear of wasting time
Fear of wasting energy
Fear that you won’t have enough time
Fear that you won’t have enough energy
Fear that you may lose interest
Fear that you’re doing it for the wrong reasons
Fear that what’s in your head will never make it to paper
Fear that your ideas are stale
Fear that your ideas are stolen
Fear that your ideas will never be heard
Fear that what you say doesn’t matter

Well, fuck a bunch of fear. And at the end of it all, you’ll find that the consequences of powering through despite those fears, or perhaps because of them, you’ll emerge unscathed, a little better off and maybe even a little braver.

So go ahead, put your hand in the box.