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What a Difference a Solid Writing Session Makes

by Jonathan 0 Comments

Here comes the sun

Had a less than stellar day at the keyboard yesterday. I also got a short story rejection. And I found out that a narration I did needs to be redone.

When I dragged myself out of bed at 6 AM this morning, I was not chomping at the bit. Rather, it was with trepidation and dread that I approached the writing shack.

I sat my ass in my chair, finished revising one chapter and began another. Fast forward two hours and everything is fine. Doubts are well in hand and I look forward to getting back to the writing.

If anything, it’s the act of not writing that causes me the most angst.

A couple of quick thoughts:

1. I’ve enjoyed following Peter Cooper and Teresa Frohock‘s post publication experiences. If you aren’t aware of either of these folks, well, now you are. Check them out.

2. I read a thorough article in Poets & Writers by David Malki of Wondermark and Machine of Death fame (In one day, MoD shot to #1 on Amazon back in 2010, beating out whatever dreck Glenn Beck was pimping at the time). He discusses 9 ways of looking at bookstores. Great read. Unfortunately, you can’t view the article on line, but if you can get your hands on a copy of the Joan Didion issue of P$W, I highly recommend it.

Anyway, hope you all have a great day. In fact, I hope you kick the day’s ass.

P.S. I did march that short story right back out into the world for another go round, so we’ll see.