What Our Kids Read

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I saw this post over at John Scalzi’s blog – An Anecdotal Observation, Relating to Robert Heinlein and the Youth of Today. It struck me not so much on the Heinlein topic but on the nature of sharing things we love with our kids.

There’s the joy when they enjoy something that’s dear to us.

Then there’s the disappointment when they just don’t go for it at all.

My eight-year-old daughter prefers to discover things in her own time and often leaves my recommendations unexplored.

All I can do is encourage her interests and make available the books and music and movies I think she’d enjoy. This way she can check them out on her terms.

Or not.

It’s pretty cool. She’s already showing me videos and music that she loves and I’ll continue to do the same. My biggest hope is that the dialogue continues as she grows and that it becomes an integral part of communicating and learning about each other.


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