Giving Back a Little

My friend Teresa Frohock, a writer who’s been helpful, supportive and inspirational over the last two years has a book coming out in July. MISERERE: AN AUTUMN TALETeresa Frohock’s debut dark fantasy is being published by Night Shade Books.

Cover of Miserere: An Autumn Tale

You can win a signed author’s copy by entering Weronika Janczuk’s contest. Check it out here: There’s a link there if you would like to read the first four chapters of MISERERE for, you know, FREE.

I entered, but not to win; I’ll gladly buy a copy once it’s on sale. I just want to get the word out and support Teresa’s hard work.

I have to say it’s exciting to see someone I know (even if it is only virtually) getting published. Congratulations Teresa!

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  1. ReplyTeresa Frohock
    Thanks so much, Jonathan! I really appreciate you helping me get the word out about the contest! Teresa
    • ReplyJonathan
      My pleasure. It's been fun to see your hard work bear fruit. :)

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