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There are a host of Science Fiction and Fantasy podcasts out there, but I’ve become enamored with one in particular: The Hugo Award winning StarShipSofa.

Best of Starship Sofa Volume 2

Starship Sofa publishes "best of" anthologies via as well

There are three reasons why (besides the obvious sweetness of the retro cover art):

  1. The interviews with authors are fantastic. Perhaps that has to do with the fact that Tony asks questions that I want answers to, specifically about how writers write. Also, its a conversation more than an interview. The authors I’ve heard seem so at ease talking about their frailties as writers. Tony’s interviews with Jeff Carlson and Charles Yu are quite enjoyable.
  2. The fiction is professionally read and the readers are appropriate to the stories.
  3. I love Tony C. Smith’s conversational tone and aw shucks persona (I don’t know if Scotsmen can be described as having an aw shucks persona, but I’m sticking with it). The Scottish accent is fun, too. Makes me want to quaff one of these (or more):

Photo by Steve Kocino

Who’s thirsty?

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