Writing Crossroads

by Jonathan 6 Comments
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I went down to the crossroad, fell down on my knees
I went down to the crossroad, fell down on my knees
Asked the lord above “Have mercy now save poor Bob if you please”

Robert Johnson – Cross Road Blues

Devil Tarot Card

Stay clear of this fellow.

Do I forge ahead with the final 30k of my second draft or do I rework what I’ve got into a fully realized outline and begin draft 3. I’m thinking of doing the former, if for no other reason than to flesh some things out more.

Then I’ll write and tweak my outline for the final draft so I can solidify the story once and for all. I’m tired of surprises.

It would seem that I am still developing my writing process. Not so much the words on paper, but the preparation. I cling to the idea that I’ll be a better writer for it.

Have a great weekend and enjoy a little Robert Johnson. You wouldn’t sell you soul to the devil to be a great writer, would you?

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  1. Replybarbaraannwright
    I'm always in favor for running for the finish line before turning around and starting the race over. I'm working on my fourth novel (all unpublished so far) and I change how I work every time. Guess I haven't found my perfect writing process either. ^_^
    • ReplyJonathan Danz
      That approach makes the most sense to me. It's good to hear it coming from someone who's done it a time or two or four! I often wonder if I'll ever settle into an approach. Perhaps it's the novel that dictates the approach. Thanks for commenting!
  2. ReplyCassandra Jade
    I have to finish the full story before moving onto the next round of rewrites/revisions or I fall into the cycle of just rewriting the same part over and over and never finishing the piece. That's just me though.
    • ReplyJonathan Danz
      I definitely am in danger of that cycle as a means to avoid the real problems with the story. That's why I've opted to move on, finish the draft and just take notes about the next draft as I think of things.
  3. Replyjenniferneri
    I'm doing the same thing, JOnathan. REading and taking notes and inserting footnotes. Slow process, but I think it's worth. Then it comes down to pluggin things in. Finally for me, the icing is playing with the prose. My favorite part! Good luck!
    • ReplyJonathan Danz
      I'm excited to get to the prose. It just seems like that is a silhouette on the horizon right now, but that's okay. I hope you enjoy your process. Thanks for commenting!

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