Hazel Dickens – Fire in the Hole

The beginning of this will make your hair stand on end.

I searched and searched for a video the Texas Rubies doing Blue Diamond Mines, but, alas, all I can offer is this link to a sample, also chilling. Check it out (track 19). You won’t regret it.

Living here in West Virginia over the past 20 years has given me an appreciation of something I was only tangentially aware of as a child. Having traveled extensively in the southern West Virginia coalfields, talking to the people there, seeing the fallout of mines closing, the images of magazines and documentaries were made real. So when there is talk of disbanding unions, gutting labor and so on, just remember, it doesn’t take a whole helluva lot to slip right back to 100 years ago. People can only take so much.

I meant to include this in the original post. For those who don’t know, Hazel Dickens died Friday, April 22 2011. For more, check out this New York Times piece.

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