Coffee Break No. 18 – Civil War Tunes

by Jonathan 2 Comments

These songs make me think of coffee boiled hot in a tin pot.  You can chew the grounds to get the last little bit of goodness when the drink has been drunk.



Comments ( 2 )

  1. ReplyK.M. Weiland
    I hadn't heard either of these before. Thanks for sharing! (Although I'm not so sure about chewing on the grounds... ;)
    • ReplyJonathan Danz
      Hope you enjoyed them. I love good storytelling in music. The songs about confederate misery always get me and I'm Yankee by raising! Have you ever delved into the history of the James/Younger gang and how all that sprouted from confederate guerrilla groups? Good stuff. The Long Riders movie and accompanying Ry Cooder soundtrack is excellent.

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