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Fear is the Mind Killer…

by Jonathan 3 Comments

…and that is all.

Fear lurks in all the dark places of your mind, waiting to set you back, to shut you down, whatever your goals.

Fear of failure
Fear that you won’t be liked
Fear that you won’t be understood
Fear that others find your dreams silly
Fear of wasting time
Fear of wasting energy
Fear that you won’t have enough time
Fear that you won’t have enough energy
Fear that you may lose interest
Fear that you’re doing it for the wrong reasons
Fear that what’s in your head will never make it to paper
Fear that your ideas are stale
Fear that your ideas are stolen
Fear that your ideas will never be heard
Fear that what you say doesn’t matter

Well, fuck a bunch of fear. And at the end of it all, you’ll find that the consequences of powering through despite those fears, or perhaps because of them, you’ll emerge unscathed, a little better off and maybe even a little braver.

So go ahead, put your hand in the box.


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In a nutshell here’s what’s been going on (For maximum effect you need to let the video run as you read this):

  1. I read through my manuscript
  2. Started revisions (this morning)
  3. I visited Michiana, MI with my family – we hooked up with some good friends and relaxed a bit
  4. Been working like a dog at the day job
  5. Been sweating
  6. Been listening to Queen’s News of the World album
  7. Finished George RR Martin’s A Feast for Crows (two nights ago), and…
  8. Started George RR Martin’s A Dance with Dragons (a gift from my lovely wife for Father’s Day) – It. Is. Awesome.

That’s more or less it.

I’m shooting for a blog post a week at this point, because, let’s face it, given the choice between writing blog posts and working on ye olde novel, the Ser Novel wins every time.

Be good.