Two Years Old

Words and Coffee turned two years old five days ago and I didn’t even notice. That’s pretty cool. I originally started this thing to enter a short fiction contest over at Ken Scholes’s blog and decided to roll with it.

As I get closer to making The Cloud Chamber the novel I want it to be, I seem to be blogging less. But that’s okay. That means I’m writing or editing or revising.

To be sure that no one ever visits this site again, I leave you with this birthday video:

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  1. ReplyChad Foreman
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I am only on the third chapter of "The Cloud Chamber" but I LOVE IT!!! Seriously. I really am impressed. It pulled me right in from the beginning. And I'm not just saying this because I'm your neighbor and might need to borrow your ladder again. Really I am enjoying it very much. I'd be further in to it if I could be a little bit better with my time management skills.
    • ReplyJonathan
      Thanks for the B-day wishes! Glad you're enjoying The Cloud Chamber. I look forward to talking about it whenever you finish. Thanks for reading.

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