jd-bw_630x905Jonathan Danz is a writer, voice actor, and digital marketer who exists in a parallel dimension suspiciously similar to West Virginia. When he’s not hammering stories out of unruly words, he can be found working his digital marketing day job or on his mountain bike or hanging with his family. With the help of his wife and daughter, he manages to keep track of his car keys, his priorities, and his mind.

He thought a journalism degree would be a practical way to keep his writing sharp until he accrued enough life experience to write meaningful novels. He’s still not sure if that was the case. On the other hand, his degree set him on a path to be a river guide, an archaeologist and a digital marketing account director. Somewhere in there, he owned and managed a whitewater rafting company.

He’s currently working on his next novel, Black Lily, about Clee Rivers, a young black woman in 1920’s Appalachian coal country with a knack for invention who must battle a corporate conspiracy across multiple dimensions to find her missing father.